Decided to sell it now as a plan A, instead of letting it hang around for months until I get to it (plan B). Would like the garage back and the MOT is going in FEB.

Needs £400 windscreen and nothing else for MOT.

In December last year (last month) a deer ran out in front of me and the car was put to the test. That's how I know the power steering, ABS and traction control work well in an emergency situation, but I couldn't avoid missing it's dumbass, and hit it's legs.

The deer hit the OS wing, light and bonnet and then swung around at 55-60mph into the OSF door.
Everybody was fine (except the deer) but the car is busted.
It's also broken the OS foglamp connector on the rear- I have no idea why or how, but mechanically it is untouched and nothing else was hit. Requiring the vehicle for work, a replacement headlamp was purchased, broken down and new adjusters fitted, then the damage was pulled out and the light installed in it's original mountings.
It needs a bonnet and small repair on the wing. It will also require a headlamp bracket because although it holds the lamp still, it's plastic and has cracked.
It also needs a windscreen as a stone chip (not related to above) cracked in the recent cold. Windscreens for this are quoted at £400.
The plan was to get a front end as the NS wing was suspiciously hit by the neighbour and although it pulled out and cleaned up, there is one of those invisible creases in it which you can't see unless you know it's there. The later bonnets are Aluminium and this was always down to do but, to do that will require the wiper mechanism off a later car as you'll loose the washer jets. I've been quoted £350- £500 for all the bits, in colour, on a random phone enquiry with 1 specialist breakers.
It was also due for lower front arm bushes and I have these in Powerflex to go in. It shakes a little at 80mph, that's those causing that.
I have a spare set of better condition original Rimz to go on with all good Pirelli tyres.

What else... Oh, the 5R55N gearbox needs a spring kit fitted. These are about £200-£250 and include most seals, springs and stuff to heavy service it. It needs this done because every now and then, the box fault warning comes up with a 2nd to third shift discrepancy. The fault resets with ignition off and back on until whenever it comes back on. Car does not go into limp or anything and is still fine when this happens. It will bugger the box up though eventually.

Body rust wise all around is very clean with no welding.

Other faults:

OSF caliper bolt threads are questionable on one bolt. I got it tight by hand tools with threadlock when I replaced the front shocks (Monroe) but initially taking it out... it didn't feel right. It hasn't fell out yet.
Accelerator pedal plug can flag a fault about once a year when it gets damp in the air. I have tightened the pins and applied dielectric grease to it.
Air con pipes have been cut and removed from the engine bay.

MOT goes in FEB (windscreen has scupperred that one)

Comes with:
spare rimz
3 window mechanisms have exploded. I have the bits to fix but it's been too cold to bother and now I have another motah.
A few spare parts, trim, new cheap suspension bits and other stuff
Powerflex rear anti roll bushes
1 working fob and 4 spares
Comes with Alpine DVD touchscreen and wired in sub cables. Sat Nav option stopped working on this long ago which is one of the reasons I fitted it in the first place!

PLATE IS COMING OFF or we can talk, it's not expensive but I'd like it on the doozil stype.
Located in Central Cambridge in a garage, drive it away today. (Or before Feb!)

Price ono as above or you can swap me 4 new Michelins, a 4 wheel alignment and some more poly bushes, all for the STR. :D