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x308 late throttle body tick

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I'm got a problem with my car. It stalled on me a few days ago, and didn't want to pull away.

I know when you turn the ignition off, the throttle body clicks, but I don't recall it making a ticking noise when you turn the ignition on.

Please see video below. Is this normal ?


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best to pull any stored code from the stall - it doesn't click on the ones I have. Did any warning lights come on with the stall? What mileage? Could be a TPS fault (P0121)ETC....
Low milage 18K. No warning lights. The code reader I just got doesn't like this car.

I removed the passenger side coil cover and removed one coil. No oil leaks seen.
Checked out the fuel pumps. Pump 1 didn't sound too good to start with, but the car was behaving itself today.
Filled the car with fuel on friday.

Today was the first day of using it again, and it was slugish, and eventually the ecu light came on, so have to see what that indicates.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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