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X308 new head unit cd compatible

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Hi folks, thinking of changing my 98 XJRs head unit to an aftermarket. I'm aware there aren't any fascia plates but i fancy a double din unit & i'm confident i can fabricate the bits of fascia i'll need. My reason for upgrade is i really want ipod in and combined bluetooth for phone.

My main question (as i'm busy browsing headunits) is whats compatible to a) the 6cd changer in boot and b) the steering wheel controls?

I think i've read somewhere that Alpine units are compatible but are any others?

Any thoughts & recommendations welcome.
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I think you will be disapointed!

1) Behind the headunit front is a single DIN hole. I'm not sure whether others have managed to hack a double din in there.
2) Just because they are both Alpine, I'm not sure it's the same interface
3) Good luck with wheel controls
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