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X308 Rear Light Cluster - Wiring Colour Scheme

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Hi Guys,

Thought I'd ask you experts this question instead of just prodding around with a multimeter ....

Does anyone know the wiring colour scheme used for the rear light clusters on the X308? Need to identify the reverse live feed and an earth in order to fit a set of aftermarket parking sensors.

(Many thanks in advance)

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In the fusebox in the boot is a yellow connector (for connecting to a towbar). You could have a go at connecting your wiring to this. Just as in connecting to the lights, it may upset things, but worth a go.

13 Black GROUND
Thanks Andy.
Why not fit OEM, I've a set cheap including the module. Plug and play no hacking. PM for details.
Thanks for the offer Sean, but I fitted my aftermarket ones this evening. Seem to work ok ..... but now I've got to get some new bumper mounts, as mine are buggered :(
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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