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X350 Wheel Nut Issue Mission Impossible

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Hi Guys, first let me thank anyone that is brave enough suggest a solution to this post! Any engineers out there who might like a challenge?
When checking my tyre pressures recently I discovered that one of the front n/s wheel nuts had been sheared off with part of the wheel stud still in it, whilst the part of broken stud remaining on the wheel hub has the broken lower half of the wheel nut still on it! Nightmare!
I don't know if It was a malicious act or metal fatigue. Consequently I am in a situation where should I get a puncture I cannot get the wheel off :(

Should you accept this mission -
In order to make a repair It will be nececessary to :-
1. With the wheel in situ (i.e from the outside) remove the broken remains of the nut and the stud to which it is screwed.
2. Having succeeded separate the wheel from the hub.
3. Remove the remains of the stud which is splined through the back of the hub.
4. All of the points above (1,2,3) must be achieved WITHOUT DAMAGING THE WHEEL RIM :)
Thought you might like that one :))

A possible solution I thought might be to get a jig machined (sadly I no longer have a lathe to use).
The jig (steel tube) centre drilled it's full length to guide a drill down through the centre of the broken stud. The jig also having one end drilled out to the stud diameter to fit over the outer diameter of the stud keeping it on centre whilst drilling.
Using the jig and repeatedly drilling down the length of the stud and increasing the drill size each pass until the drill size equals the stud diameter.
Then in theory the broken nut and stud can be removed since the nut thread will have been drilled out? AND the wheel rim will be undamaged being protected by the remaining taper of the nut

Hope you're all keeping up? there's a quiz next post :))

By this point you may have concluded that I'm completely Barmy! If so I would be grateful if you could give me any advice on some alternative solutions to this problem.
The only thing I'm not sure of is if the stud is too hard for to be drilled?

Once again many thanks for your input
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A quick forum search brings up a plethora of threads with all the information you could possibly need.
If the stud is sheared,drill it out and the remnants of the nut will become loose. You can then cross the btidge of a new stud with full access
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If I remember correctly, it won't be possible to get a new stud in with the hub in place.

That is once the wheel is off.

If I am correct then it will be a new wheel bearing assembly and that will be whole world of pain...........

Unless you read THIS
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This seems to be another case of Jaguar wheel nuts, clad in stainless steel but with mild steel actual nuts inside, corroding badly as water and salt get between the cladding and the nut. The corrosion on the nuts then spreads to the stud, weakening both. These wheel nuts are a very poor design and there have been several threads on this forum about replacing them with solid steel, chromium plated nuts. This is a highly recommended action. The stud threads should also have some anti-sieze (eg Copaslip) put on them and - no - this will not cause the wheel nuts to come loose, despite what is often said.
A 20mm hole saw is the most recommended removal method and documented on here a few times.
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