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XE V6 'S' 380ps, my latest company car

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I work for an independent Jaguar / Land Rover dealer and we have a company car 'opt out' scheme which works very well.
My mileage is 40k pa, so I usually need to change car every three months so that they remain 'saleable' mileage wise.
For the previous three months, I was running an F-PACE 2.0d 240ps Portfolio which was a very nice car but saloons are more my cup of tea.

The figures stacked up on a new XE 3.0 V6 'S', the 2018 model year has the 380ps engine instead of the 340ps used previously.
I figure 'what the heck', for three months I will take the pain of the fuel bill.

Went for Caesium blue with jet leather (should have gone for jet / light oyster ?)

I know I am biased, having been with Jaguar since 2002, but what a car !
Driving it brings a huge smile to my face every time.

The performance and handling are exemplary, I drive a lot of other cars and I have to say it compares favourably with any of the German 'sporting saloons'
Mine has the optional 20" alloys, I would probably go for the standard 19"s next time, just to help out with some of the potholed roads I have to drive on.
It is no M3 (hopefully an SVR version at some point will sort that out) but in terms of practicality and driveability, it really hits the spot !

I have now covered 3,500 miles in it since early September, best fuel economy was 32.9 mpg on a reasonably sedate 55 mile run (worst was 12.5mpg on a rather less sedate journey !)
Averages around 27mpg on my 55 mile 'A' road trip to work.

Purrs nicely at low RPM but with a bit of an air of menace, open the taps and it howls !
Just a pity that almost no one knows about it, another of Jaguars best kept secrets.

I don't think that they are bad value for money, the customers should be beating down my door !
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The S is savage in acceleration, car reviewers have got 0-60 in 4.5 seconds in the S. The black/oyster interior is what I have in mine as I feel it’s a good mix as it brightens up the interior nicely.

Make sure to post some pictures!
I will need to wash it first !
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