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XF Sportbrake boot cover rattle

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Does anyone hear a rattles from the retractable boot cover when driving along? It's been driving me mad on long journeys, so much so that I took the whole cover out this morning.
If anyone has this happening to them, have you found any solutions to stopping the rattle, or could there be something faulty with my cover.
thanks for any comments/advice.
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No rattles with my boot cover but annoying sloshing thump from fuel tank when tank s full . Perhaps as you say it has some sort of fault.
The fuel slosh issue is well documented. The dealer can fit some kind of foam baffles in the tank to cure it.
I found on another forum, non Jaguar related, where someone stuck some rubber gloves under where the boot cover sits, to help cushion between where the two hard plastics meet. I may give something like that a try this weekend.
I've not noticed any 'fuel sloshing' issues.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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