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Quite a few reports and posts over on the Yank forum about replacing the timing chains and associated parts on the 5.0 V8 across a range of Jags including the XFR.
The general consensus is that it is doable as a DIY but only if you are reasonably skilled with the spanners and have all the correct factory tools and have plenty of time to take it slow and careful.
Also beware it's not just a case of replacing the chains, you also have to replace the chain guides, tensioners and cam sprockets as the old versions are not compatible with the new chains.
Some prefer the old chains as being better engineered than the new ones but it is now impossible to find "new old stock" of them and the associated parts.

Also, while you are in there and especially this deep on an older XFR you should replace ALL the plastic coolant system pipes, tubes and hoses as one or more are bound to crack/split/leak, it's not a matter of if but when they do. Same goes for the coolant pump and thermostat.
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