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xj6 x300 rear shockers

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I have managed to get a set of rear shockers for my 95 xj6 --If i remove the four bolts from the top plate and the bottom bolt from the shocker --will i be able to remove the spring and shocker together just by lowering the hub assembly (is there enough space ) and can i use the weight of the car to compress the spring for re-assembly --some advice before i start from those with experience can save lots of skin from knuckles !:D
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I think the whole 'A' frame has to be dropped to do the rear shockers. You'd need to check on that but i know it's a big job. The earlier XJ40's were much easier.
Thank you for the advice --- the springs did look as though they would come out without dropping the A frame ---it looks as though i will have to give the job to a garage --- something that i hate doing -- but to drop the A frame without being on the ramps is not a good idea
Possibly mate. You never know 'til you try i suppose. You often find there are short cuts for jobs like that.
Done this on two cars. Might as well point you in the direction of this: Jaguar XJ6; Jaguar X300; 1995 Jaguar XJ6 3.2 Sport
and save myself some time. Biggest problem I encountered was removing lower shock bolt. Might be best to buy a new one before you start the job.
VERY helpful thank you very much
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