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Xj8 2001 3.2

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Hi I have just joined the forum, I have just aquired a very nice XJ8 3.2 2001 on a late 51 plate. Can someone confirm that mine was fitted with the 2nd generation timing chain adjusters, my engine num is KB0010042338.

All the best many thanks Blue.
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Metal tensioners were fitted from engine number 0108130000 (13th August 2001). Your engine no. translates to 4th October 2000 so, that engine wouldn't have had factory fitted metal tensioners but, a previous owner may have had them changed. If you remove one of the cam/valve covers, you'll be able to see if the upper tensioners are metal or not.
Hi thank you for the info many thanks cheers Blue.
Hi Blue. Welcome to the forum. As Jagary says it's easy to find out and only about 45mins work to strip down and put back together. :)
Cheers will get new cam cover gaskets and then remove and have a shufty. I have read that if you do not have the timing tools you can unbolt the cams and ease the camshaft away from the adjusters, has anyone carried out that way. Blue
Hi. You can use the tyrap method and lock the chains to the sprokets. You can then change the tensioners and replace with the new ones. :)
Thank you so much information on this site brilliant.
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