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XJ8 oil type

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I have had a look through the drivers handbook, but can't see anything about oil type?

Can anyone advise, along with volume between the min/max mark on the dipstick.

Many Thanks

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Many thanks - That's a very handy link.

It surely is a good link, and if you'd like a few alternatives to Castrol you could try here as well Opie Oils - car oil and motorbike oil sales and recommendations
Iv been using castrol edge for quite some time now and carnt fualt it,though abit expensive I used silkolene since the mid eightys but like Redline to name another was vastly overpriced even though there top ester baste oil's though I would not hesitate in using Shell helix ultra which is just as pure,for eg my local jag dealer uses it alll the time and is just as pure a synthetic, from products of the likes of castrol

.Valvoline is also very pure and great value at around 15% cheeper than Castrol but will be using 5w 30 hellix ultra next time round as Im starting to service every 5k instead of 7.5 as its been for the past 20k

oh1 forgot to say "djdex" Opie oils are a bange on...I always used to get my oil from them when I went through my "Amsoil" faze...Havent used it now 'or them come to think of it for a few years now but i would realy recomend Amsoil

But again!...way over priced oil.especialy when opie oils have paid up ther U.S shipping and import taxes to the goverment...."But thats another thing"
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Hi Ronnie Just google "Bob the oil man" ........absolutly everything you need to no mate..

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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