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XJR gearbox drain and refill to fix squawk noise

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Hi all,
I have my car in for a service and to have additive added to the gearbox to get rid of the squawk.
Now the dealer tells me that the box has a leak and needs 6 litres of C2C8432 trans oil and 1 litre of the additive JLM21906.

My question is, do you need the additive if you do a refill?
I cant trace the JLM 21906, the bulletin I have specs C2C37157

Now for the price C2C 8432 GBP 32.00 per litre
JLM 21906 GBP (wait for it) GBP 132.00 per litre

Any thoughts
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Hi Tony. I know from my brother that car stuff can be a tad expensive there in SA but the does sound very expensive. By the Squawk noise can you explain the symptoms as I can hear something in my car but I'm unsure what it is apart from it being revs related and not speed related.
This is from the TSB about the additive:

The additive must only be used in the following cases:
a) To fix a transmission noise during gearshifts (squawk).

b) It must only be used once in a transmission. The exception to this rule is if the transmission has had a complete fluid change, where a second application may be used on a customer complaint of transmission squawk.

The effects of using the additive incorrectly may be reduced friction of the clutches leading to poor shift quality, DTCs logged, and it can also induce flare.
Thanks guys, I can source the oil from ZF here but they do not recommend any additives at all.
They can also supply the sump which is a C2C 38963G but I cant see from the spec if it is plastic or metal.
What is very scary is that the dealer wants to put in the new oil plus the additive. Having just spoken to ZF they reckon that doing that can cause the gearbox to sieze!!!!!!!
Also the sneaky dealer wants to replace the sump, ZF say that it only leaks around the sleeve which is a GBP 6.00 part
The sump is also the filter Tony. It's built into it so it would make sense to change it at the same time as the new fluid.
Its a good thought, have booked it in to ZF directly tmrw so I am happy to let them make the call. I am paying half for the oil from them and they say that the filter/sump doesnt need changing unless its damaged. Now the wishbone bushes have gone. I am looking at a scrapped S type to see if they have a pair and will have the new bushes fitted to them to save time. I am not sure of how hard a job it is to get them out of the old ones, is it just a case of using a pusher?
I believe it's a hydraulic press job Tony but don't quote me on it.
Have just shown my local dealer the web page, they flatly refuse to acknowledge that this can be done. They even had the cheek to call my EBC red stuff pads as customer supplied pirate parts to fit!!!
Cheeky so and so's.... They obviously dont rate UP market replacements and getting the bushes changed rather than buying the complete item obvious hurts them. If they did bush replacements then maybe more people would use them rather than charging an astronomical amount for the whole thing.
Know how it feels, i had to get 2 new lower front wishbones arms for my STR last year at a cost of £300 each including fitting, the Indie gave me a bit of discount, but i have heard you can buy the bushes for around £20 each and get them pressed in saving hundreds of pounds!!
Yes, I have contacted ZF here and they are happy to provide me the bushes, and a local indie has said no problem in fitting them. Jag say aluminium blah blah but then why would ZF themselves endorse the part!!!!
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