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XJR wood veneer

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Considering buying an XJR (X300). Going to look at a car in the weekend. Noticed in the ad that it has quite bright wood veneer, and also has wood around the instruments dials. I thought all XJRs had very dark wood veneer and black plastic around the instruments dials. Do you think it's retrofitted in this case or could you specify your XJR with bright wood work when new?

The car in question:
Jaguar XJ R 4,0 l. kompressor 1995, 136 000 km, kr 149 530,-
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On the later X308's you could specify the classis word pack.

Don't know about the X300's. Jag may have done it to order. The black leather in the middle looks odd to me or is that the norm for the x300 ?
standard interior
Actually on the XJR (X300) quite a lot of them came in dual leather (black in the middle and dash), think some of the sport-models also was dual leather. But think you could opt for a same color all around as I've seen a lot of XJRs with only one color.

A matter of personal taste, personally I would prefer one color, but not to enthusiastic about the black wood, makes the inside feel more dark and cramped. Could have been worse though, this very special XJR V8 S/C Portfolio has aluminium instead of wood...think it look downright hideous.
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