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Hi to one and all,

I have been a fan of the XK120 for too many years and I am trying to obtain one. I have grand ideas of buying one to refurbish/rebuild myself as I enjoy working on engines and motorbikes etc in my garage. I do understand the magnitude of a rebuilding such a car and its associated costs, however I have a few questions below and if you would be so kind as to help me out I would be very appreciative. I am a novice in terms of what is deemed unacceptable and acceptable in terms of a restoration.

Firstly, I really don't mind starting with a rust bucket however in terms of restoration how far is to far gone, especially regarding the chassis? What is your opinion on starting with a new, improved chassis and basically taking everything salvageable from the original car to refurbish and install on the new car? Is this acceptable in the world of restorations or is the original chassis an absolute must? I have come across a few very badly decayed cars that may be a runner for my project.

Secondly, what is the opinion of improvements to the car. Upgraded brakes etc? Again what is the ethos on this regarding restorations. I understand they will not be 100% but would they hold any value if you stray away from stock in any way?




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Hi Zac, Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you are preparing yourself for a major project here.
I would suggest you look at the Jaguar Heritage site for pointers of what is acceptable in a restoration.

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