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Xk 2006 bluetooth connection problem

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I have tried to connect my iphone 4s to my 2006 XK,it will not connect or show the phone.Any suggestions on this please.Thanks
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have you had a bluetooth connection previously in this car with anofher phone?
Hi,no I just got the car yesterday,tried to connect this morning.Thanks
i dont know the xk, mine is an s type. do you have a phone button on the dash or steering wheel to press, if so what comes up on your dis
play?. do you know that bluetooth is fitted? P,S, just had a quick look thro previous posts in your car forum and some have found your type of phone not compatable???.
Ah the dreaded bluetooth gremlin again... I sympathise. (check out my earlier posts). Worth checking the Jaguar main website for the list of phone compatability. You'll find it via the 'customer support' tab. At least you'll know if it's worth persisting. In the end I had to resurrect an old handset that I now keep in the car with a PAYG spare sim. Hardly ideal. My previous BMWs (3 off) and even my runabout Punto (yes really) all paired up instantly with all my other phones....sigh.... Good luck
Just to reassure you, you will get there. As mentioned, there is a thread on this. My 2006 XK and iPhone 4s connected no problem when I picked the car up this year.
thanks to everyone for their advice
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