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Xk 2006 seat problem

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Hi just bought a 2006 XK coupe,everything works great except the passenger seat,it will not move when using the electric controls on door,any idea where i start to check it out? Thank You
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I had a similar experience recently with my 2006 ragtop. Needed a visit to my local independent to plug in the diagnostic.. which confirmed a fault of 'losing contact with the seat module'. After a check of all the fuses and the obvious stuff, the guys pulled out the seat and disconnected all the harnesses, replaced them again and... it worked! Possibly a high-resistance contact in the harness plug but can't be sure
Not saying that'll work for you but a good start may be the fault code readings. Good luck.
It's just happened to my 2007 coupe - in Monaco, on Friday (30 deg C)!
I've had it twice before with the driver's seat. (Had to drive with long arms and legs...). This time it was the pax seat. Figure it's a connector/temperature thing. Got home yesterday - all O.K. again.
Er - it's a Jaguar.....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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