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XK8 Key Fob activity

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I have purchased a 2000 XK8 and had two key fobs which both did not work. After cleaning them up and changing the batteries, I now have one key fob which will unlock the car but not lock it and will also open the boot and flash the lights, the other will only flash the lights but will not do anything else.

Can anyone advise me on what to do next with these key fobs?
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you may have already done this.

when I bought mine I had a similar problem, I also stripped the fob and was advised to clean the internal area around and under the button press with a cotton bud and white spirit. this worked for me. in hindsight contact cleaner might have been more appropriate.

The rubber contact surfaces are impregnated with graphite, which makes the circuit when pressed. When this is worn away you get operation difficulties. You can get a conductive paint to replace this, or try rubbing a soft pencil lead on the rubber contact surfaces.
Really? My buttons press down on the micro-switches that are fitted to the circuit board. I have the LJE2610-BB and -BC variants, maybe the early ones were different.
Yes, the later remotes had the micro switch system which seems to be more reliable. 96-2000 models used the larger fob with the carbonized contacts.
I had the exact problem you describe.
I took out the keypad and cleaned the pad and contacts with electrical contact cleaner, both work fine now.

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