XK8 Mirror replacement


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Feb 23, 2018
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I need to replace the wing mirrors on my 2000 XK8.
Neither of the wing mirrors work with the motors and one of the mirrors is broken so I am changing both mirrors completely.
I think someone has had a right go at this car in the past, as a lot of the heads on bolts and screws have been rounded and some of them can´t be removed, as I am finding with the wing mirrors, I am not able to undo the torque screw that holds the mirror body onto the car.
I have looked at the manuals that I have but they don´t really help much.
This car has been fighting me now for about 6 months. Originally I had a boiling up problem but the guys on the forum helped tremendously and I thought that had been resolved, but it is happening again. I never use the car as I just do not trust it. It just sits in the garage gathering dust.
When I have got the mirrors sorted and the spanish matriculation complete, I will put it up for sale. I am a real Jag lover and all my other Jags have been great, but this one is terrible and I don´t want to drive it.
This really annoys me as I have worked on cars for as long as I can remember, at least 50 years, I am an ex racing driver and built my own cars and engines from scratch and it really grates that a ****** wing mirror is stumping me.
I would really appreciate it if anyone can help with the wing mirror problem. I need to change the interior rear view mirror as well, but I am taking that to Autoglass to have that changed, as the last thing I need is for the windscreen to shatter.