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xkr 2009 5.0 or a maserati granturismo

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Looking to buy a xkr 2009 model or a maserati granturismo just wanted a bit of input from people on them both ,have test drived them both and they are both fast but the masi sound from the exhaust is awsome against the xkr.
My head says the xkr because it would cost less to maintain but the masi as more of a buz to it .

What do you guys think
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No personal experience but there's a post somewhere hereabouts from a guy who compared both and I think his conclusion was that the XKR was better in all departments. Maybe the search facility will find it.
It will cost around £1500 to make the Jaguar sound far better than the Maz.

I've been researching exhausts for the past month. Milltek do a fantastic one, I'll be getting this fitted next week.
Give the Jag a lovely muscle car burble, from the V8. You'll also get an outrageous bark through the power band. Do some 'jaguar xkr milltek' searches on youtube.

I always find Maz's exhaust note sounds they have designed a musical instrument instead of letting the engine do the talking.
Well, you might expect those on a Jaguar forum to be somewhat biased but in this case, as I owned a Maserati Granturismo S this time last year, I can tell you first hand that it was probably the single most disappointing car I've owned. Not only did it go wrong a lot but it was very average dynamically (handling, ride, body control, stability....all immensely inferior to the XK) and despite mine being the 'quicker' 4.7 version, it wasn't that quick! The seats are also awful, the Nav / Bluetooth / telematics is unreliable and not very good when it did work (even against the Jaguar system which is far from the best itself) and it is extremely expensive to run - servicing and parts are on another planet compared to the Jaguar or anything else I've had.

In the end, my car was coming out of warranty and Maserati wanted nearly £3k to extend it for one year. I think that demonstrates the confidence they have in their own product as that's 3-4 times what you'd expect to pay so, in desperation to have a car that was competent, I swapped it for a new M3 which I then had for a few months before buying my first Jaguar. Some may see that as quite a downgrade but on the contrary, if you disregard image and brand perception, the BMW was in another league for ability and felt like a much better developed car. So, just imagine how good my XKR feels in comparison now....a different league!

I can understand why you're taken by the exhaust sound too as it impressed me in the same first. However, I actually got fed up of it as, after a while, I thought it sounded a bit like a Corsa with a fat exhaust...a bit one dimensional in tone that didnt reflect that it's a V8 powered car! Johnny has hit the nail on the head in his description of it sounding a bit XKR has a factory performance exhaust option (fantastic and easily replicated with a Spires stage 1 exhaust which is almost identical) and whilst not as loud as the Maserati, I think it's a much nicer tone with a more 'genuine' V8 noise.

I did like the fact that I owned a 'Maserati' because brand wise, it's about as good as you can get and it certainly attracted attention (strangely no more than my XKR does though). But that promise ended up being a disappointment everytime I got in it and drove it....I guess the fact I had a 911 Turbo directly before it didn't help but my XKR equally shows up just how average a car the Maserati is.
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Hi. On a Jag forum I gotta XK every day. As stated the ride in the XK will be much better than the Maz and the exhaust note can be changed to your desire for a few extra £££s. :)
Thank you for all your feedback! The points palmball made were in the back of my mind, but I was trying to ignore them! Although you expect to spend more on servicing a high end car I think I would start to resent the cost for the masi, as i would be buying one thats older and probably prone to more problems.
I have been looking at the exhaust for the jag and, as mentioned by Johnny, the milltek was one, the other I think was quick silver ? I probably need a bit more research on them.
The car I have found and looked at yesterday is a 2009 model 5.0 L in silver with black interior, which was one of my chosen specs - the other was black on black. They are asking £31,000.00 for it with 45000.00 on the clock. I know is higher mileage but as I will only use it at weekends it should ballance out. It is out of warranty by 2 weeks but I would be looking at buying the jag warranty - not sure of the cost and how long you can take this out for, so if anyone knows that would be good.
Would be good to get feedback on your exhaust being fitted to your car johnny, and the spec. Once again thanks for the informative replies :)
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I'll keep you posted with the exhaust. I've spent ages researching due to an expensive mistake I made a few years back on another car that gave me a terrible drone inside the cabin at cruising speed. Very annoying.

On a car like the Jag, I didn't want it to be too loud, boy racerish. But I want to hear the V8 burble especially under throttle. TL Jaguar have been looking after my car and also done the suspension mods etc I've had done. They have fitted loads of Milltek Exhausts over the years both at their own workshops and sub contracted at Paramount (now liquidated). He knows their build quality and there there are no dramas with fitting.

Hopefully the Milltek is a balance in the middle

Here's a Youtube clip
New Jaguar XKR V8 with Milltek Sport muffler fitted - YouTube
A trip to Specsavers will sort out your predictament melox 2 as the Maser is in no way better looking than the XKR. It's louder yes but if you're travelling as the car was designed to do ie Touring why would you want a loud throbbing exhaust with you for hours and hours. Forget trying to impress other people and choose the class act in the segment.
I resurrected this thread for my first post because it helps to confirm that my decision to buy an XKR is most likely the correct one. I've had a BMW 635d for the past 2 years and whilst a competent all round motor car I'm looking for something more exciting, more engaging. I too considered a Maserati Granturismo. I love the look of the Granturismo and the convenience of proper rear seats but rejected it on the grounds of high insurance and maintenance costs and I'm glad I did given Palmball's assessment. I also thought of an M3 and an Audi RS5 and tried both but finally concluded that an XKR with the right options was what I was looking for.

I've finally settled on a 2012MY XKR with dynamic pack, performance seats and performance exhaust. I hope to pick it up later this week and, despite being an older driver, I'm quite excited about it :cool:

I'm sure I'll be a regular visitor on here in future.

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Hi Melox2.

I pretty sure Jaguar do an option on the XKR that makes the exhaust sound more V8 ish without the need to change the system. I looked into having it fitted to my XFR bofore I got the Spires system but was told it was only available on the XK. Might be worth looking into.

Oh and for me it would be the XKR every time.
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