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Thank you for the link Cam.

Much appreciated.

I was last in Dumbarton about 40 years ago when my wife was on a course. We got absolutely and completely whammed in an Italian restaurant after drinking him out of wine.

I was able to lay in bed the next morning with a massive Chianti hangover at the hotel while Valence went to the course. I felt awful and I was not working!

Kind regards and thanks again
No problem Paul, I am struggling to remember an Italian restaurant in Dumbarton but there was a big one in Balloch called La Scarpetta that I have been hammered in quite a few times.
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Hi Richard,
I had a message from Paul in NE, i had some damage to the rear of my x type yesterday, paul mentioned you might have some panels. I'm looking for a boot lid and bumper cover in metallic grey LMR.
Regards Steve.