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my car is a xj8,3.2. se excutive 102k full jaguar history, in aspen green, oatmeal leather , mint condition


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hi, jag all done and flew thru the MOT with only one slight advisory [worn bush] and i must say and so does my best friend [X wife] that is probably one of the nicest cars to own and drive,and my last car was an AMG C Class 2011,ps i love it and the wonderful write up i have just read

I was just reading your post about the Mondeo fuel pump. I also have a 2003 x type that i suspect is the fuel pump, there is fuel getting up to the engine but i guess the pressure just isn't there. I read in the post that the Mondeo pump worked perfectly, did the fuel gauge work properly or was it out?
Hello 'Billy2Jags', I have followed much of your advice over the years, could you plesae make contact as I value your advice. Best Regards, RichardA.
Hi all. My name is Alec and I live in Perth Western Australia. At 60+ I finally bought my first Jaguar. A marque that I have always regarded as one of the most desirable. I bought a 2001 xj308 sovereign that is in immaculate condition. It runs well and I have had very few problems with it. The few minor issues I have had seem to be quite common and the threads on the forum have been very helpful.