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Hi Corbeliere, I wondered if you have any Jag specialist that you use or could recommend rather than JLR in Caen. I've a front door lock that needs replacement and its proving very fiddly and difficult despite the various "how to" threads that I've followed. I'd even consider a day trip to Jag Care in Portsmouth, but thought I'd first check with you. Kind Regards. James
Hi Chris. Appreciate the trouble you’ve gone to on the members spreadsheet, but in the interests of accuracy, could you please amend the colour of my car to Loire Blue.
thanks, Barrie
I certainly will. Thanks for taking the time to read it!
hi ian, sorry to bother you but I'm having problems posting on a wide variety of threads, since the new version ?????
Ian D
Ian D
What exactly are the issues that you're having? Which web browser are you using?
hi Ian, I use a Chromebook so the browser is Google.
All sorts of stuff; just a few examples :
Most of the time I can't access my profile;
Often I'll write a reply to a thread and try to post it with no result;
Often if I press "New posts" I'll be taken to a page which says "the page you selected is no available";
Lots of erratic behaviours really.

Why did we have to change, it seems like hard work now.