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🔴 We FOUND the remote to the JAG🔴 WOO HOOOO!! And, the double AUX cord I purchased that connects from the dock to my phone actually played all my music. YESSSSS!!

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The hug and "Thank You" go to AntF and Jimw777, barryhi, idrobbo, including others who were very helpful with my predicament!
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I have an almost 4 year old XF 2.0 TD Portfolio with AWD
The car will need a service ( 4 years/ 27000 miles ) in 4 weeks time-any recommendations please of recent experiences around West/East Sussex borders/North West Kent/ East Surrey borders. What sort of cost would be normal.? Also extended 1 year warranty for £960-worth considering ?
Hi guys
At the beginning o the 70's. one of the lads at work got a British racing green Mk10 jaguar well I fell in love with that car and I promised myself I WOULD OWN ONE , 40YEARS later, on the 23rd of December I bought one a59 plate Jaguar x/f 3 ltr auto as I need an auto these days, the left knees shot so it's much easier, and back to the car . It's all I thought it would be a fantastic piece kit.

2015 2.2d Sportbrake and Jag engined TVR


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Hi, I'm a newbie and I put 4 posts under the XK forum that should really be under the XK8 forum. My bad. Can you move them to where they belong please?