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Hi Jagman, do you still sell this kit for automatic mirror folding to a S-type?
I did buy one from you a few years back but sold that car but now I have bought a STR and I would like to put that mod on it, this car also has the sunroof !!
Cheers for now
Roger Grote
My brother donated his very broken X350 V6 3 litre for a £500 car charity run our pub was doing to Gibraltar in Sept 2019 - it was free we can ignore the £1,200 spent to get it roadworthy!

9 cars set off in 2019 and 7 made it including the 3 XJs raising over £20k for the Wales Air Ambulance too. The trip was supposed to be one way but I was smitten and after a couple of days R&R we drove it home again. Lovely.
Bought RT02ART, its obviously a play on my name at the start and end, also its not too different from my XK which is A20ART, a man on a galloping horse would have to look twice LOL's....380 horses ;)
Arty, this is not a PM and now everyone can see what you have bought. ;)
Hi, I tried to send you a personal message but I'm new to this system so I don't know if it made it. If you are willing to provide you email address I can email my Throttle Body removal powerpoint file and you are free to convert it any way you like. Let me know.

Following your advice I looked at the wheel Speed Sensor. It displays 10000 Ohm one direction and 3000 ohms in reverse. (like a diode). Do you know if this is correct parameters for speed sensor please. Everything else (apart from possible faulty Dynamic stability control unit,) looks ok continuity wise with zero earth contacts. I could have compared but opted for your knowledge first.
Hi all, i have the dreaded "park brake fault" come up on the dash (04 s type). The brake will not engage, i have replaced the battery as advised,reset after but no joy

any help advise welcome. Car drives fine but with MOT next month i need to get to the bottom of the problem.